Your Personal Design Agency

Lost Woods Design Co. has been designing and building websites since 2015. Over the years we’ve built websites for small businesses, financial institutions, bands, artists, and various non-profits. Our websites are successful because we work together with our clients to build a solid, user-centric strategy and we align our goals to our client's goals. We succeed when you succeed.

Illinois Valley Based Web Design

We love designing websites.

We also love our community. Born and raised in Ottawa, Illinois, our team has been a part of the Illinois Valley since we were kids. Growing up with the Roxy and the Peru Mall made us into who we are today and we wanted to give a little back.

Lost Woods Design Company was formed by Ottawa native Scott Monterastelli. To give back to the community that raised him, Scott decided to design a company that could help Illinois Valley businesses gain a competitive advantage in our digital world.

Put Simply

Our expertise in design and marketing help small businesses build brands like big businesses.

Core Values

  1. Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded
  2. Always be learning
  3. Embrace change and adapt
  4. Be transparent with open and honest communication
  5. Do more with less
  6. Dream big